Affiliate Program

What is affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for investors to refer new users and grow their Duty Fly portfolio. By encouraging other people to learn how to trade in financial markets, with both free and paid materials, partners will receive commissions from trading turnovers.

Who can participate in the affiliate program?

Anyone can become a part of our affiliate program! Use your knowledge and reputation in digital marketing and social media to drive engaged traffic to our referral program. Audiences in your blogs, mailing lists, and social platforms that are interested in international currency markets, stocks, cryptocurrency, and precious metal trading are perfect segments to target.

Duty Fly offers the most profitable affiliate program

Оur affiliate program offers 10% of the company’s profit to each client attracted on your behalf.

Profit from referral program is allocated to your account once every 24 hours and there is a possibility to withdraw this amount immediately after it is credited to your account.

VIP clients are offered certain conditions of the affiliate program and a personal manager who will answer all of your questions.

For questions regarding the affiliate program or how to become our partner, please contact us.