Forex is a well-known international currency market in the online investment industry. For all major and exotic currency pairs on Forex Duty Fly provides highly competitive spreads.
The leading trading platform for Forex is MetaTrader 5. Millions of Forex-traders choose MT5 for its convenience and abundance of instruments. Through the diversity of trading instruments transparency and affordability of online investments in spot metals, indices, currencies, stocks, and energy resources are ensured.
For Forex Duty Fly offers accounts with both floating and stable spreads. This allows Forex-traders to choose trading strategies for smooth transactions.

Spot Metals

On our principal platform MetaTrader 5, we offer gold, silver and palladium spot metals for online trading. We provide competitive spreads on precious metals and raw materials, as well as comparatively exotic but very comfortable quotes for gold and silver.


In addition to trading with shares, Duty Fly also enables trading with indices. Indices are indicators that reflect the disposition of the market at a certain point in time. They illustrate the dynamics of price variation of specific shares. With the help of indices it becomes possible to predict the future value of a certain share.

Spot Commodities

Spot commodities are traded based on immediate payment. This usually means that the goods are physically transferred to investors.
Through MetaTrader 5 — one of the most popular platforms in the industry, Duty Fly offers oil, copper and natural gas commodities for online trading.


Cryptocurrency is a specific type of financial asset designed to revolutionize the world of finance. The principal feature that distinguishes cryptocurrency from other currencies is that it is a form of digital currency.
Duty Fly is highly secure and reliable for investing into an exceedingly dynamic market of cryptocurrencies of an extensive variety.


With the help of CFDs, in addition to buying actual products of global corporations, it is also feasible to acquire shares of the company. Trading shares makes taking part in the management of any enterprise and receiving a portion of its profit possible. Part of the annual profit of the company is returned to shareholders as dividends.
Duty Fly offers shares of the world's largest companies from the United States, Europe, Russia and Asia. Duty Fly also provides competitive conditions for trading shares as it is performed with low commissions for transactions and minimum costs for depository services.