We offer

Non-stop & 24/7 Trading

Duty Fly offers a non-stop and 24/7 trading system to assure successful, profitable, and convenient trades.

Duty Fly designed a non-stop trading system that enables traders to open several positions at the same time before transaction ends. In addition to non-stop trading Duty Fly also offers 24/7 trading to assure successful and profitable trades. Trading non-stop and on weekends allows traders to develop a trading style that suits their schedule and makes investing:

  • Convenient — trades can be performed during business hours in every country and every time zone.
  • Profitable — daily trades are an important factor for earning more money.

Demo Account

Practice your trading skills through a trading simulator with our demo account.

Demo accounts are designed for traders who want to examine and analyze exchange instruments and financial products before investing.

Perfect for beginner traders looking to:

  • Familiarize themselves with and develop new trading strategies
  • Get acquainted with the primary technical concepts
  • Practice trading with leading financial products and instruments
  • Learn how to overcome trading challenges
  • Interact with different traders which will help in cautiously entering the market that is constantly changing.

Online Support

Duty Fly is equipped with a 24 hour comprehensive customer support service. Send a message using the chat icon and get real-time feedback.

We are pleased to offer online support with instant solutions to technical complaints, questions, or other inquiries.

Margin Trading

Margin Trading is the practice of leveraging funds from a brokerage company to trade financial assets. The implementation of speculative transactions provide investors with the opportunity to leverage gains and trade financial products with additional funds. Duty Fly offers margin trading with 1:2 and 1:3 leverages.

With margin trading investors can:

  • Leverage GainsInvestors receive an opportunity to trade in large volumes with a small equity capital.
  • Get access to a Huge Variety of Trading OpportunitiesTrading with additional capital makes way for trading opportunities as they arise yielding considerable profit.

Payment Options

We provide a huge variety of payment options.

The payment infrastructure supports several payment methods: bank transfer: SWIFT, ADV Cash.

Alternative forms of payment guarantee:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use

Competitive Commissions

Duty Fly offers convenient trading fees for takers and makers, as well as distinctive conditions for high volume traders.

High Liquidity

We guarantee fast order executions, low spreads, and access to high liquidity for top currency pairs specified in our orderbook.

Order Types

Order types are designed to provide automatic trading tools.

Duty Fly currently offers:

  • Market OrderThis order is executed at the current available price in the market. As a result, the order is executed almost immediately.
  • Limit OrderLimit order can be set to execute transactions at a specified price or better. With this order traders indicate the maximum price at which they are ready to buy, or the minimum price at which they are ready to sell a certain asset. For buying, the indicated price should be below the market price. For selling, the price should be higher. Otherwise, the order will be executed at the market price.
  • Stop OrderThis order becomes marketable as soon as the set price is reached. In most cases, stop-order is used to close a position when the loss level is reached.
  • Trailing StopIt is a dynamic order that does not have a fixed price and allows traders to place orders with a floating price level.
  • Fill or KillThis order must be executed immediately and completely (filled), or simply canceled (killed). This order makes it possible to ensure that the position is entered instantly and at a certain price.


Security is of primary importance for us. Our security parameters comply with international standards that guarantee safe trading and storage of your assets.