Duty Fly是什么?

Duty Fly是新一代券商和股票交易所,提供进入国际货币市场的在线交易,为全球范围内的金融市场提供广泛的金融产品。Duty Fly定位为在线交易服务的领先供应商,为高端货币对提供高流动性订单,低价差和快速订单执行。



  1. 使用“开户”图标为了打开个人账户
  2. 填写表格
  3. 完成验证过程以激活账户
  4. 用现金或比特币为了充值账户
  5. 开始交易!

了解您的客户,或者KYC是一组识别操作,用于验证个人账户,以便能够交易和使用Duty Fly提供的特殊交易机会。账户验证至关重要,因为它有助于打击欺诈,盗窃,洗钱和非法交易融资。



LTC/BTCLiteCoin vs BitCoin
ETH/BTCEthereum vs BitCoin
DASH/BTCDashcoin vs BitCoin
BTC/USDTBitCoin vs USD Tether
BCH/USDTBitCoin Cash vs USD Tether
XMR/BTCMonero vs BitCoin
DASH/USDTDashcoin vs USD Tether
XMR/USDTMonero vs USD Tether
ETH/USDTEthereum vs USD Tether
LTC/USDTLiteCoin vs USD Tether
XRP/BTCRipple vs BitCoin
XRP/USDTRipple vs USD Tether
BTC/USDBitCoin vs US Dollar
ETH/USDEthereum vs US Dollar
BCHABC/BTCBitcoin Cash ABC vs BitCoin
BCHSV/BTCBitcoin Cash SV vs BitCoin
BCHABC/USDTBitcoin Cash ABC vs USD Tether
BCHSV/USDTBitcoin Cash SV vs USD Tether
Why are the files for verification not accepted?

If you have failed uploading your files for verification or you have found that they are not being accepted by our team, there can be several reasons:

  • The document is not scanned or photographed entirely, or it has cut offs.
  • The document has some additional marks, that may cause confusion.
  • The information on the document is not clearly visible or readable.
  • The document does not contain the necessary information (name, address etc.).
  • The documents in non-Latin languages without notarized translation take a lot of time to be processed.
Can I create multiple accounts?

Yes, you can create multiple accounts for MetaTrader 5 platform. We offer Live or Demo platforms, Individual or Corporate account types, two order types: Hedging or Netting, and Currencies both Fiat and Crypto.

Why I am not receiving an email from Duty Fly?

A typical reason for not receiving an email from Duty Fly can be:

  • You marked a previous Duty Fly email as spam.
  • The email was delivered, but is in your SPAM or Junk folder.
  • Your email address is wrong.
How can I create a Corporate account?

Duty Fly offers two types of accounts: Personal and Corporate. You can start running Personal account as well as Corporate. If you want to register a Corporate account, you need to provide the required documents for Corporate accounts. You can follow the link for details.

Do I need to verify my account to start trading?

It is not necessarily important to verify Your account before starting to trade. You can make a deposit and start trading right after registration.

How can I deactivate my Duty Fly account?

To Deactivate the account, a trader should fill the contact form and request the deactivation. You can send your request to our Support team.